PDFCreator Review

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PDFCreator is an open source and freeware program that will write PDF files from any other printable file. If you want to convert a file to PDF format, this is a good choice. Supports any printable file, so if you open a file, no matter if is text, image etc. and you click Print and you are able to select PDFCreator as printer, you will have you source file converted to PDF. It supports a wide range of file formats as source.

1. Print file and select it as printer

Print desired document and then select PDFCreator as printer. If you want, you can customize and tweak options, but mainly this is only thing you need to do in order to create a PDF file from another document (Word, Excel etc).


2. Black and white or Color

You can print your document in black and white or keep original colors.


3. Advanced options

Since is using Ghostscript library for dealing with PDF files, you will have the Advanced options menu, like there is in other similar programs. Here you can change many options and parameters such as format of layout or DPI resolution.


4. Unuseful windows

It prompts you to confirm creation date and author name, but i find this feature time consuming.


5. Password protection

If you click on Options you will discover another set of options.


6. Original file

I have used as source a Word document with text and images.


7. The result (PDF)

The result was exactly like original source file, but now with .pdf extension, of course. This program it makes its job. The resulted PDF file has a decent size, is not too different than the original one.